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Benefits of Meditation for Lawyers

We have all heard of the many negative lawyer stereotypes; a stressed out, tightly wound, anxious person whose main source of worry in life is work. While these stereotypes are not true for all, the rigorous and substantial career that we have all chosen for ourselves is inevitably going to cause some stress and tension in our lives. A lawyer’s day-to-day job is known to produce higher levels of anxiety and stress compared to other professions. Here at the Vital Lawyer, we hope to minimize these negative “side effects'' of the job through sharing our tips and tricks for living a more balanced and happier life.

One of the most proven beneficial actions you can implement into your life is meditation. Meditation has proven to help reduce stress levels and anxiety levels, decrease blood pressure and even improve chronic pain. Furthermore, meditation and its mindfulness techniques are known to increase positive feelings, improve sleep, and may help fight off negative habits. Along with all of these easily attainable perks, not only does it require no materials, it is readily accessible anywhere. With all of these benefits, practicing meditation for only a few minutes every day can drastically change one’s life.

This being said, why wouldn’t a “stressed out, tightly wound” lawyer introduce this skill into their life?

Whether it's constantly talking to clients, consistently employing empathy, or filing through hours and hours of paperwork, it’s not hard to say that a lawyer’s job is one of the most rewarding and most stressful professions one can have. At the Vital Lawyer, three of our core values are Vital Bodies, Vital Minds, and Vital Careers. Not only can meditation help improve our physical bodies and clear our minds, but these aspects combined will overall make our day-to-day job more manageable and enjoyable.

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