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Inspirational CLE

Helping Lawyers to Live their Best Lives

Organized Desk
Image by Jason Leung

Event Fee: $79.00

May 20, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.




An introduction to Certified Professional Organizer Denise Allan, Attorney Gail Bennett and the topics for discussion.




Up-leveling Your Productivity in Your Legal Practice:

Getting and staying in your zone of peak productivity given the interruptions of working at home. We will discuss psychology and your zone of brilliance, AEC model of change, implementing accountability, and the statistics of disorganization.




Clear the Gunk:

Get a clear understanding of the 5 step Clutter Clearing Process to bring down the white noise in your work and home environment for stronger focus and reduced stress. An organized home and office are 40% easier to maintain.

Setting up an Efficient Home Law Office. Are you using your highest value real   estate of your desk to its potential? Products and techniques that align with   your higher productivity for your law practice. Resources shared to continue the journey.




Closing & Summary:

Eligible for 1 CLE in Washington State

May be eligible for credit in other states.





Be a Vital Lawyer

This event is closed for registration.

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