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The Benefits for Lawyers of Belonging to a Book and Movie Club

Library Bookshelves

As lawyers, it can often be difficult to make time for any hobbies or passions we may have. When we do get this free time, it is too easy to spend it mindlessly sitting on our phone or binging episodes of reality television. Another option to fill some of this time in both an enjoyable and productive way is to join a book and movie club.

There are numerous benefits to being a member of a book and movie club and it can be a great addition to one’s life. Primarily, filling your time by either reading a book or watching a movie with the purpose of engaging in conversation with others pushes us to think more deeply about what we are consuming. Being able to use our brains while doing an activity that is enjoyable is the perfect combination for a new hobby. Additionally, you are introduced to new perspectives on various topics allowing you to gain more from the material. This positive environment promotes a love for the stories and lessons told in these books or movies and allows everyone to learn from each other. Furthermore, taking part in lively conversation with others on a designated topic allows you to foster new relationships with others with similar interests. Establishing this sense of community outside work and family is a great way to prioritize setting aside time for this hobby. 

Here at The Vital Lawyer we support and employ our various core values. A Book and Movie Club promotes Vital Minds, Vital Relationships, and Vital Balance and can help us lawyers live our best lives both at work and at home.

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