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The Value of Improv for Lawyers

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Many aspects of the job that we all choose to do involve stress and anxiety. For many of us, this may come from the fear of public speaking or the fear of being surprised and thrown off course. Through practice and experience, one can significantly improve their public speaking skills. However, the nerves of the impending unexpected are always present.

One exercise to help us overcome these instances of the unforeseen, whether that be in the courtroom or in any other public speaking event, is to practice improvisation. There are many benefits behind the practice of improv that can be very valuable in a lawyer’s career. Primarily, improv sparks a sense of creativity in us all that in turn leads to better problem-solving skills as one is exposed to new perspectives. This increased sense of originality can help one see aspects of cases, clients, and even their personal life in a whole new light. 

Furthermore, not only does improv improve your listening skills as you always have to be on your toes, ready for your next part, but it supports the team relationships as you have to be able to play off one another. Building these strong, trusting relationships is important both in the field of law and in our personal lives as you need to be able to rely on others in both settings. This secure environment also promotes improving communication skills as you are required to articulate your thoughts in a very prompt manner.

One of the best parts of improv is that it is the easiest thing in the world to practice! No equipment, no preparation, no stress. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the improv experience while developing important life skills:

  • Make sure you are listening to the other participants

  • Embrace a "Yes" mindset

  • Step out of your comfort zone

  • Be honest

  • Follow your instincts

  • Relax

  • Have Fun!

Here at The Vital Lawyer, we support our various core values and implement them in our daily lives. The practice of improv supports our values Vital Minds, Vital Relationships, and Vital Balance and can greatly improve the quality of one’s life both at work and home.

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