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The Vital Lawyer works with law firms and corporate legal departments to create custom programs for your lawyers and other legal professionals.  Our programs are based upon our core values of Vital Careers, Vital Minds, Vital Bodies, Vital Relationships, and Vital Balance.

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Our mission is to help lawyers live their best lives. We provide phenomenal speakers on topics such as office organization, time management, and client communication that help lawyers to excel. We provide tools and information that can be life-changing and can help lawyers to be happier. Studies have found that when your employees are happier, they are better at their jobs.  

The Vital Lawyer Results

  • Employee retention.

  • Cost savings.

  • Better internal work relationships.

  • Better client relationships.

  • Better work product.

  • Increased health and happiness.

Lawyers who are happier and living their best lives serve their clients better.

Business Meeting

Vital Careers

A successful legal career includes providing outstanding service to help clients achieve their goals while always continuing to learn and grow.

Vital Minds

A healthy body is critical to your well-being. Our physical health and wellness are the foundation for everything.

Yoga at Home
Core Fitness

Vital Bodies

Mental health, clarity, and focus are key to professional success and personal happiness.

Walk in Nature

Vital Relationships

Both personal and professional relationships are important. We want supportive and caring friends and family.  We strive for professional relationships of mutual respect and shared ethics.  

Walk in Nature
Balanced Rocks

Vital Balance

We believe in work life balance and managing stress in order to live the best life possible. This means something different to every lawyer but there are some common concepts for all of us.

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