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The Value of Improv for Lawyers

Many aspects of the job that we all choose to do involve stress and anxiety. For many of us, this may come from the fear of public speaking or the fear of being surprised and thrown off course. Through practice and experience, one can significantly improve their public speaking skills. One of the best ways to do so is to practice improvisation.

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The Benefits of Belonging to a Book and Movie Club

As lawyers, it can often be difficult to make time for any hobbies or passions we may have. When we do get this free time, it is too easy to spend it mindlessly sitting on our phones or binging episodes of reality television. Another option to fill some of this time in both an enjoyable and productive way is to join a book and movie club.

Benefits of Meditation for Lawyers

The high-stress environments many lawyers work in are known to produce some negative "side effects".

Meditation has many proven benefits that can improve one's everyday life including better sleep quality, lowered anxiety, and lowered stress.

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Core Values and Hobbies

Spending regular time on a hobby or activity can help you feel better by managing stress and adding satisfaction and fulfillment to your life. Hobbies offer a break from daily work and can make you feel happier and more relaxed. 

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