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Inspirational CLE

Helping Lawyers to Live their Best Lives


Event Fee: $89.00

July 15 at 10:00 am PST

Registration Closed





An introduction to Luci Gabel, Attorney Gail Bennett and the topics for discussion.  What does Eat to Lead mean?




Eat to Lead for Lawyers

There is a relationship between your brain working optimally, your leadership, and your food intake, but it may not be what popular media has led you to believe. This engaging discussion provides insight on how to use current scientific findings to unlock your highest potential.  You will learn information that may help you move up the law firm hierarchy or the corporate legal department ladder, gain traction in your practice, and support your work and relationships with others. You can achieve this through simple and enjoyable food habits that you can practice anywhere. 




In this event, you’ll discover:

  • The foundation of making your own intelligent decisions with food and the 6 major ways that food affects your leadership skills and abilities

  • How to leverage what we know in neuroscience and nutrition to boost brain energy levels for your benefit

  • How to eat for sustained energy, productivity, and mental focus in order to fuel your brain for optimal performance as a leader 




Closing & Summary:

In the final portion of this one-hour course, with audience participation, we'll break down some of your personal roadblocks to creating healthy eating habits that keep you performing at your best. After completing this course, you can apply the insights provided to make healthier decisions more easily, and be a Vital Lawyer and a leader with a completely different outlook on food. 

Eligible for 1 CLE in Washington State

May be eligible for credit in other states.





Be a Vital Lawyer

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